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What's The SELinux Switch & What Makes It Different from The SELinux Toggler?

I'll outline this in brief since it would take too much time and space in explaining everything in detail.

Primarily, The SELinux Switch was built from scratch. It had taken me approx. 6 +/- months on the building, testing, editing, etc...

The SELinux Toggler was still using the old Package Name (com.mrbmic.selinux) and, by continuing to use that same Package Name, it also forced me to have to continue its Open Source as specified by the SELinuxModeChanger.

Though The SELinux Toggler was my development, it still had some underlying ties to the SelinuxModeChanger. In order to make this "My App", I had to build it up and give it a more apropriate Package Name

When it came to the user interface, I felt (based on the simplicity of The Selinux Toggler) that the same user interface would be the best thing to do and carried it over.

Be sure to follow the steps BEFORE installing The SELinux Switch:

1) Download The SELinux Switch and save it somewhere on your device you can remember.

2) Uninstall The SELinux Toggler then reboot your device.

3) Once the device is booted up, install The SELinux Switch and you're done.

4) (OPTIONAL) If you would like to initially test it out, then set The SELinux Switch to Permissive Mode, then reboot your device. Once the device has booted back up, confirm the change.

***PLEASE NOTE FROM STEP ONE: If you plan to install The SELinux Switch using the Flashable Installer via custom recovery. Then instead of fully rebooting your device, just reboot into your devices custom recovery and install via the flashable Installer and reboot your device (Cleaning the Dalvik Cache right after flashing the installer is encouraged but, not required) and your good to go (you may proceed to step 4 if so desired).

What and why is SELinux Mode Important?

Since the release of Android 4.2 (KitKat) a new security enhancement called SELinux was interlaced within the system and then the Mode was defaulted to “Enforcing”.

Whether this new security measure was good or bad, it resulted in a lot of challenges with many Apps that required Root access. So from then on, there have been many workarounds that developers were forced to overcome and adapt to this new security measure for their current and future developments.

Since the SELinux security measure was placed, there also have been many tools and utilities that had changed the default SELinux Mode “Enforcing” to “Permissive” and one of those noted (and clever) Developers was an individual who is known as MrBIMC had created the “SELinuxModeChanger”. This app allowed the individual to change the SELinux Mode too and from its “Enforcing” and “Permissive” states. KO

What does The SELinux Switch do?

Basically, this app can change a device's SELinux State without having to permanently modify the boot script files of the device.

What does The SELinux Switch NOT do?

Again… This app will not make permanent changes to the boot script files!

This app will automatically boot as any app will that is part of the boot sequence. So when a device boots up, the device, by default, will be booted in its default SELinux “Enforcing” Mode. Then once the boot sequence begins launching the auto launching of the apps, this app will then automatically launch and change the devices SELinux Mode that the user last selected for the devices SELinux Mode.

What do I do to use this app?

Just as simple as downloading, installing, opening the app and then select which mode you want the devices SELinux Mode to be (Permissive or Enforcing).

And that's it! Now every time you reboot your device, the app will auto-launch (just the same as other apps do) and change the SELinux state to the mode in which you've last selected within the app.

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