Shiva Status : Mahakal Image & Quotes

Shiva Status : Mahakal Image & Quotes

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Aug 20, 2018


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Aug 20, 2018


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Name: Shiva Status : Mahakal Image & Quotes
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Version: 1.0
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ओम नम: शिवाय।- 'ओम' प्रथम नाम परमात्मा का फिर 'नमन' शिव को करते हैं। 'सत्यम, शिवम और सुंदरम' जो सत्य है वह ब्रह्म है:- ब्रह्म अर्थात परमात्मा। जो शिव है वह परम शुभ और पवित्र आत्म तत्व है और जो सुंदरम वही परम प्रकृति है। अर्थात परमात्मा, शिव और पार्वती के अलावा कुछ भी जानने योग्य नहीं है। शिव है प्रथम और शिव ही है अंतिम।

Lord Mahadev Shiva is one of the principal deities of Hinduism. He is the Supreme Being within Shaivism, one of the major traditions within contemporary Hinduism.

Shivaji Status is a simple application allows you to create HD Shiva wallpaper with quotes. Select shiva quotes, mantra from the collection on hand-picked shiva wallpapers and make Shiva status images.

The app is designed for religious people who have real faith in God shiva. Mahashivratri is Lord Shiva festival.

This application is a small gift for all Lord Shiva's fan or who loves Lord Mahadeva from us.We make this application so everyone can read sloka, mantra, and status of Lord Mahakal, latest mahadev status in hindi and know more about Shiv.

Lord Shiva is known by several popular names: Shivay, Shiv Shankara, Mahadev, Bhairava, Bholenath, Bhootnath, Kailashnath, Mahakala, Omkar, Pashupati, Rudra, Sadashiva, Shambhu, shivaay, om namah shivay etc.

Lord Shiva is also called 'The Devo ke Dev-Mahadev'.

Features :

- Choose from 50+ quotes and status about shiva.
- Choose from hand-picked shiva wallpapers.
- Set lord shiva quotes on shiva background.
- You can easy to read status.
- Latest collection of mahadev status.
- You Can copy this status and past into anywhare.
- Status of Lord Shiv is also available in this application. 
- Save the photo and share it on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc.

Lord Shiva bless all of us.

This Application dedicates to the Mahadeva.

Om Namaha Shivay
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