Shopping Calculator with tax

Shopping Calculator with tax

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Aug 16, 2018




Version 2.5.1



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Aug 16, 2018


Shopping Calculator with tax by kame3

[As Discount Calculator]
Calculation such as "5% discount" and "10% discount" can be done with one touch. It is very helpful at shopping time.

If you push the Discount button continuously, you can also calculate 5% discount etc. from 10% discount.

[Tax incl calculation]
Entering numbers on Shopping Calculator will quickly calculate and display the sales tax inclusive price.
By the way, there are five tax rate buttons in the tax rate input dialog, and you can set the tax rate freely from the setting screen.

[Customize buttons]
Values ​​of the discount button can be freely changed from 0% to 99% on the setting screen.

[History (Shopping List)]
Each time you press the [+] button, you can save the entered price , discount rate, etc. and check the total amount.

[Theme function]
The appearance color of Shopping Calculator can be selected from orange, blue and black.

Now, install this application for free now and enjoy shopping.
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