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Aug 19, 2018


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Aug 19, 2018


Shou by APKBucket Editorial

Its fun playing games on Android phones and tablets and more fun is added when your friends and family members join the adventure with you. Shou Android app, previously known as Shou.TV Mobile game streaming!, is an interesting app which allows you to share the games you play lively with others in your circle. Simply download and install this app on your device, set it to record your screen and then launch and play your favorite game! Shou will start recording your game and it will lively broadcast it to the public community or the video will be shared with those you chose. Its free and unlimited fun and Shou has become extremely famous among Android community in a short span of time due to its cool features.

You aren't only limited to share just your device's screen, Shou allows you to find thousands of live broadcasts shared by others. You can find your favorite games and you can see lively how good others do. You can chat with the players which is an exciting feature to meet with new players around the globe. You can find players who are really brilliant in playing your favorite game or you can show the world how good you are in playing a particular game!

Shou by default works on Android devices running Android 5.0 and up but if you want to install it on your device that runs on Android 4.1, then you will need to root your device before installing and trying the app. You can search and find some rooting apps at our market or you can try Kingroot or Root Master which are among most successful rooting tools available for Android platform as of now.

In addition to Android platform, this app's iOS version is also doing extremely well. The iOS version of Shou is called AirShou and it has the capability to record screens of iOS devices running iOS 9 and up.

To start following your favorite stars, or to become a celeb among Android users by playing famous games, download Shou APK file now. Install the app for free and start recording the screen while playing your favorite game. Share the screen lively and get appreciated. Your fans will contact you and appreciate you! You can respond to their messages or you can talk to your favorite players while playing or watching the games. The fun is waiting for you! To start enjoying a cool journey filled with thrill, download latest APK file of the app for free now or you can explore more about the app at Shou official website here.

P.S.: If your Android device is running Android 5.0, then Shou will work on it even if it isn't rooted. For Android OS versions lower than Lollipop, the device must be rooted for Shou to be installed and used.

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