Retro Slide Puzzle

Retro Slide Puzzle

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Aug 14, 2018




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Aug 14, 2018


Retro Slide Puzzle by Appliciada

Slide puzzle is a great brain game for kids and adults!

If you like puzzle games free or board games try to train your brain in one of the greatest puzzle games with nice retro skins and chips.

In this free game you can find following features:
- Interesting slide puzzles
- Excellent game animation
- Timer and counter to improve playing skills
- Easy game mode 15 puzzle with no time limits
- Choice of design of the game board to your taste
- Ability to make a puzzle from your photos (coming soon)
- 3 sizes of the playing field (3x3, 4x4, 5x5)
- Top-chart for the most experienced players

Beat records, compete with friends, trains attentiveness, quick thinking, and just have a good time in the company Retro Sliding Puzzle.

This developing game (15) is for kids and adults. This free game will make an intelligent mind sharp and thinking flexible in the blink of an eye! If you want to spend time with benefits for your brain try to Sliding Puzzles. It is one of the most popular family games.

Retro Slide Puzzle is one of the most interesting puzzles for kids with numbers on the chips. Game rules are simple: you need to move the chips with numbers arranging them in ascending order. You can slide the chips on the field in any direction: up, down, right and left. The winner is the one who quickly gather all the puzzles with numbers.

Do you like to solve puzzles, match the jigsaw puzzle, and spend time with benefit to themselves? Try to play Free puzzles for adults and children right now! Compete with family members or friends in one of the most developing brain games for adults and kids.
And watch out for our updates: tag with images and puzzle out of the blocks are already preparing for the exit!

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