Smart Battery Saver

Smart Battery Saver

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Aug 19, 2018


Version 1.3.138



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Aug 19, 2018


Smart Battery Saver by APKBucket Editorial

Please Note!

Smart Battery Saver will reach End of Life on Friday, June 30, 2017. The app will no longer be available for download via Google Play after this date.
Smart Battery Saver will continue to run for currently active users after the official End of Life. However, these users will no longer receive updates.

Enjoy your Android. We keep it on.

Battery drain becoming a problem? Download Bitdefender’s Smart Battery Saver! It’s a 100% FREE Android app that understands your smartphone’s usage trends, and adapts your device’s settings to maximize battery performance! It features predefined profiles and allows you to create your own custom ones, to squeeze every second of battery life of your device. Also, Bitdefender Smart Battery Saver allows you minimize your Android’s battery drain without having to disable the functions you use the most!

Select the smart options below to create custom profiles that address your Android's exact battery demands!

Smart Wi-Fi
Disables your Andoid’s Wi-Fi when the screen is OFF, and re-activates it when the screen is back on.

Smart Mobile Data
Disables 3G when the screen is OFF, and re-activates it when the screen is back on.

Smart Sync
Lets you choose when to open Sync, as well as select how long Sync should remain open.

Smart Apps
Select which apps to close when the screen is OFF.

Smart Display
Turns off your Android’s display when it is not being used.

Smart Sounds
When your Android’s battery level drops below a certain level, this feature replaces sounds with vibrations, and disables haptic feedback, keytones, touch sounds, and screen lock sounds.

Choose One Of The Special Modes With Just A Simple Tap!

Extreme Saver mode
Use when your battery is REALLY low. It slashes battery consumption, and only lets you make and receive calls.

Night Time mode
Activate at night, when you’re sleeping. Only allows your Android to make and receive calls.
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