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SMS Auto reply

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Aug 16, 2018




Version 1.0.6



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Aug 16, 2018


SMS Auto reply by wozhuanapp3

Lanren SMS auto reply - automatic reply to SMS and missed calls and rejected calls when you are busy, away, in a meeting, in school, on vacation, on leave, out of office. And also while you are driving, watching a movie, sleeping, or just when you would prefer not to be disturbed.

***new features***
1. Remote control the auto reply by sending a SMS to your phone.
2. Auto reply to the contact's email address automatically
3. Send a email to you when auto replied to someone

Do you want to enjoy your holiday without getting disturbed all the time? Set easily automatic replies messages on your cell phone for any occassion and don't be disturbed any more when you're busy or away.

What our Lanren SMS auto reply offers:

✔ Setup multiple rules for auto reply (by SMS keywords/by missed calls/by rejected calls) with different reply contents to match your scenes.

✔ Support reply to contact's email address and send email to yourself when auto replied.

✔ Each rule contains many conditions (time range ,date range,week range,when charging,SMS keywords,source number conditions, etc.)

✔ Easiy test your rules with SMS simulator function, you even can simulate your SMS incoming time

✔ Have a shortcut for start or stop auto reply now

✔ General settings of auto reply content prefix/suffix, excludes(black list) etc.
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