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Aug 19, 2018


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Aug 19, 2018


SnapCapture by APKBucket Editorial

The world of social apps is increasing every day and each day you see an app coming for social circles. To make place in the hearts of users is a challenge and that cannot be done unless you create an app that is very good. Snap Chat is one of those apps that due to its unique qualities made place in the hearts of users sooner than expected. Snap Chat lets you communicate with your friends, share your live moments and get the news and discoveries from people all around the world and that, just by following them.

Snap Capture is an app that was created for Snap Chat to record live moments in the better way and with more enhanced methods that would bring endless fun to your snap chat time. Before proceeding to download its apk file, let’s discuss about the several features of this Snap Capture app.

SnapCapture Features

  • When you capture an image on the snap chat, you can save that image without opening it and that is possible with the help of snap capture
  • In the same way, you can also save the unopened videos with the help of this amazing snap chat assisting software. This gives you an opportunity of saving images and videos without wasting time on checking them
  • This Snap Capture software gives you a well-managed gallery where you can save all your images and videos with even troubling the original phone gallery. This issue had been bothering snap chat users for quite a long time since there wasn’t any proper gallery for them but now snap capture has solved the issue
  • There is no time limit on this software unlike the original snap chat software. Here you can keep all your favorite images and videos for as long as much time you want and nobody would ask you to delete them
  • One of the best things of this app is that it doesn’t require any rooted android devices. You can simply download and install on the factory software without doing any changes such as rooting in it
  • This app is completely add free so now you won’t be bothered by annoying adds and pop-ups that have the repo to ruin the app using experience

So these were the main features that I wanted mention to convince my users to download this amazing app and start having fun. There are also other feature which you will discover while you start using it. Download it right now from our site and have fun!

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