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SooperChef Cooking Recipes by SooperChef

SooperChef is 1st mobile app of Pakistan that provides Cooking Recipes in Urdu & English with instant Food Recipes videos. Discover and prepare from your favorite Food recipes from an extensive and appetizing range of cooking recipes. We provide you an ultimate solution to create your meal plan for the whole month with our instant Food cooking recipes. Follow our exquisite two-minute recipes videos and start cooking yummy dishes using your android devices. Simply download and enjoy your cooking experience for free!

SooperChef Pakistani recipes in Urdu provides you with an instant and unique cooking experience. It is a guide that provides you with new delish, mouthwatering, and healthy instant food recipe videos. SooperChef Food Recipes App brings you with exciting dishes regularly for your ease. You can even download the recipes which can be used as a cook book video guide later offline.

SooperChef Cooking Recipes Videos is the largest digital cooking platform that provides you an instant cooking experience by saving your precious time. We have gained a tremendous response from our regular viewers as we have provided an easy approach of How to cook tasty meals to thousands of people through our platform. has an extensive range of instant cooking dishes like Pakistani, Indian, Continental and Chinese. We have a wide range of your favorite cuisines like American and European. SooperChef Cooking Recipes Videos also includes chicken recipes so that you can learn to easily cook a wide range of Pakistani and Indian dishes like Chicken Mughlai, Creamy Chicken & Mushroom pasta, Spicy Chicken Wings and many other recipes from our two-minute chicken recipe videos. We also guide you to make variety of desi and international sweet desserts.

Find popular food recipes from our wide range of dishes prepared by our SooperChef. Everyone’s favorite and finger licking pastas, lasagne and desi cheese samosas are also available is the largest digital cooking platform in Pakistan as our regular viewers follow us to learn how to make finger-licking food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our cooking experts have worked hard to provide you step by step procedure about how to cook nutritional dishes with ingredients and cooking instructions listed in the shortest food recipe videos. Indian and Pakistani Food Recipes along with Chinese, European and American Food Cooking Recipes are SooperChef specials.

Top Features:
* is available on Smartphones and Tablets.
* Recipes in Urdu and English Languages.
* Instant Search your favorite recipes videos of the day explained with ingredients or dish name.
* Two-minute Preparation time for each dish explained with ingredients and cooking method.
* Make recipes available Offline to watch when internet is not available.
* Find your recipes do you like and make them Favorite.
* Downloadable details of recipes.
* SooperChef Community, where you can ask the question and share the suggestions. Also answers and comments on the other’s questions and suggestions.
* Share a recipe on your social media accounts with family & friends.
* Get in touch with SooperChef on Live Chat.

Our editorial team provides you with the detail ingredients, recipes and cooking method of each nutritional and healthy dishes in just two-minute video.

Grab your phone, install the SooperChef Pakistani Recipe Videos app right now. Search and watch your favorite dish on the home screen with Urdu language ingredients and cooking method. Each video of the recipe includes ingredients with its specific amount and proper guided instructions on how to mix and stir it. Estimated cooking time is also provided for your comfort.

SooperChef free all recipes bring you fun and easy way of cooking and sharing delicious food with your family and loved ones. Download the app and prepare your dish of the day like a master.
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