Speed Up Swap (root)

Speed Up Swap (root)

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Publish date

Aug 14, 2018




Version 1.1-normal



Updated date

Aug 14, 2018


Speed Up Swap (root) by devLNX

What's new:
* Version 1.7

Fixed issues with some rooted phones under Android 6.0

* Version 1.6

Removed minor bugs. New icon to distinguish from a light version.

What's new:
* Version 1.5

Removed obsolete libs, so app is very small and fast now.

* Version 1.4

Speed Up Your Device, make it more responsive. By using this app after each boot You can change settings of Your Android to use memory more efficient. This app allows You to use more memory without extra operations.

Your system is instructed to clean memory, when is half-full, so extra cleaning operations slows down while they are not necessary.

With this app it's easy to adjust memory usage, and improve performance and responsiveness.
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