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Super Backup : SMS & Contacts apk

v2.1.25 (Updated May 29, 2017)

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Super Backup : SMS & Contacts Description

The app's name Super Backup : SMS & Contacts defines the app fully and you must have understood that it is aimed to create SMS and contact backups. It isn't the single feature of Super Backup : SMS & Contacts indeed and the app can do beyond that. You cannot only create secure backups of the SMS and contacts but you can secure your apps, call logs and other important data also. You can save the created backups locally on your Android device's storage or you can use any cloud service like Google Drive to securely store the data there to retrieve it anytime you will be needing it. Download free APK of the app on this page to start securing your sensitive and important data without any big trouble.

Remember that Android OS reports storage availability by keeping the internal storage first in its list so Super Backup : SMS & Contacts will store the backups on internal storage if there is free available storage. In such a scenario, you must move your backups elsewhere whenever you will be needing to run a factory reset / firmware reinstallation on your device otherwise you may lose your important data. Secondly, since Android M., Android OS doesn't let third-party apps access the bookmarks so this feature isn't working now. Meaning that you can't backup or restore bookmarks anymore using Super Backup : SMS & Contacts free app.

Super Backup : SMS & Contacts offers an auto-backup feature which allows you to schedule automatic backups of your data without manually creating its backups. Just set a schedule and forget about your data's security. Automatic backups will be created and you can revert back to any version anytime something goes wrong with your phone.

Remember one more thing that performance boosting apps mostly disable background processes. If you are using an app like this, then ensure that you have added Super Backup : SMS & Contacts to the whitelist of that app so it will never be blocked. Otherwise, the auto-backup feature of the app may not work as intended.

Apps can be moved to external storage (to SD card) using this app. If you are going to secure your currently installed apps or if you want to share them with anyone else around you, simply move the app(s) using Super Backup : SMS & Contacts and you will be having a backup (in the form of APK) in SD card of your device in seconds. You can view the log of the backups which will show you last backup time and other information in a single place.

Remember that this version of the app is free and it supports ads. If you want an ad-free experience, then considering upgrading to Super Backup Pro which costs around $2.

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