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v1.8.0 (Updated May 08, 2017)

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Tap the Frog Description

Get a lot number of frogsome mini games in this game where multiplayer is there to have fun and cool rankings to share with friends. Tap the Frog here represent you that to help the little Frog to jump, paint and spacewalk the way to his sweetheart in order that makes the Frog the master of this favorite Frog mission game.  The frog little adventure takes the lily pads to his home ponds which reach him to outer space. The little Frog contains a number of dozens of mini-games in one place and the frog get to know the drive and who will travel different places likes spacewalk.  However, it is a great interest to visit so many places and there are so many ways to tap the frog. And it is designed so flexibly that is too easy to use and master the challenging. Surely, this frog will make you entertained. 

Here are some of the Top features of the Tap the Frog you would get to use:

  • Get 28 fragsome mini games in one placeGet multiplayer support in Tap the frog
  • Great ranking to share with friends
  • Get the frog  to drive
  • Get the frog to Spacewalk
  • So many ways to tap the frog

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