Text Status On Photo

Text Status On Photo

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Aug 15, 2018




Version 1.0.5



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Oct 28, 2018


Text Status On Photo by POWER-TEAM

Text Status On Photo is a new application help you create a photo quotes great!

Text Status On Photo will show to you every day about quotes loves, status family or some thing life.
You can read and share this text quotes to your friends, or post into new fest or thother.
You can make a pic status from your picture and add some text quotes above it.

****** FEATURE APPP******
1 - Available 1000+ quotes and status about life, love , ...
2 -Everyday, you can load more text status from my API
3 - You can share text, photo form my app
4 - You can make a new pic quotes cute very quick an pro

You can use my app and review it. I will try update other version good than it. Thank you !
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Version 1.0.5

Updated on Oct 28, 2018

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Version 1.0.4

Updated on Aug 15, 2018

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