THING Launcher - No ads, totally free

THING Launcher - No ads, totally free

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Aug 14, 2018




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Aug 14, 2018


THING Launcher - No ads, totally free by Thing

Rethinking Mobile UX

⭐ Shows you your apps based on your behaviour, right on the home screen. Everything is just a tap away.
⭐ Automate your everyday life - mix and match time, location and weather with Uber, Spotify, Philips Hue and more.
⭐ Automatically categorises your apps and games for you
⭐ Gestures
⭐ Customize all the colors and make it yours
⭐ Icon packs, adjust icon sizes, rows and columns and more
⭐ Lean, clean and fast - low memory

Note: English, Chinese and Swedish only for now. Would you like to help out with localisation? We'd love your help! Email us at

THING is a Launcher that lets you control every aspect of your connected life by seamlessly connecting you to your favourite services - all without leaving your home screen. You're in control. It's Your Universe.

Seamlessly connect to a World of services

Automate your life by creating Agents that listen to your surroundings and act for you, right from within the launcher. Mix and match services to create something uniquely you. Your building blocks are Spotify (requires Premium), Uber, Philips Hue, weather, texting, reminders, WiFi, Bluetooth, time, location and more. Keep your eyes peeled - we'll add many more soon!

All your apps curated by you

THING automatically shows your favourite apps at any given time of day, based on your behaviour. The App Stream refreshes every time you go to the launcher home screen to give you your favourite apps when you need them the most. No more looking for that one app you need in that group on some screen somewhere.

Make it Yours

Change all the colors, add your favourite icon packs, change the icon sizes and more. Get creative and make THING unique.

Swipes, taps, oh my

Use gestures to control THING - would you like to open a certain app by double tapping? Or lock the screen with a swipe down? Or open search with a swipe up? Go right ahead!

Your apps and games, categorised

THING organises your apps and games for you by categorising all your apps the same way they're categorised in Google Play. Simple and effective - a launcher designed to ease app discovery. Forgot the name of that one app you need right now? Don't worry, if it's on Google Play, we have got you covered.

Powerful search

THING lets you search for your apps in an intuitive way - you can search for name as well as Google Play category so you're sure to find what you need. Go ahead and try it out, you'll be a power user within seconds.

THING - a proactive, API powered Android Launcher that lets you create Your Universe. The best launcher home screen replacement in 2016 and 2017? We think so!
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