Translucent Crystal Simple

Translucent Crystal Simple

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Aug 15, 2018


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Aug 15, 2018


Translucent Crystal Simple by Cool Launcher Theme

The Translucent Crystal Simple theme has Translucent Crystal Simple live wallpaper with negro background, crystal lock screen and negro Luxury cubes icon pack .This beautiful Translucent Crystal Simple theme is specially designed for people who loves crystal and Luxury cubes. Translucent Crystal Simple theme is an exclusive theme with HD live wallpaper to bring you a negro crystal feeling. This Translucent Crystal Simple theme is the most popular negro crystal theme in the 2017 new year. Hope you will love this Translucent Crystal Simple theme to look beautiful on android phone. No matter you like cold HD live wallpaper or Luxury cubes mobile phone, you will like this negro cold crystal theme with Luxury cubes decoration. Beautify your android home with this Translucent Crystal Simple theme now! Customize your mobile phone with cold style to meet your new 2017.
Be a superstar and don't hesitate to download for free this amazing Translucent Crystal Simple theme for your mobile smartphone or tablet!
◆ Features:
1、Translucent Crystal Simple lock screen theme with cold crystal Luxury cubes HD live wallpaper.
2、Animated cold crystal Luxury cubes decorating your screen;
3、Full support for landscape mode and home - screen switching!
4、Translucent Crystal Simple HD live wallpaper with Translucent Crystal Simple theme make it unique cold style.
5、Translucent Crystal Simple lock screen to protect android privacy easy safe
6、negro crystal skin with negro crystal icon design for 56 popular apps
7、3d dynamic launcher home to make your android phone special cold style.
8、Support DIY HD wallpaper in crystal theme center and negro cold crystal theme
Translucent Crystal Simple theme - how to use it?
This Translucent Crystal Simple theme is specifically designed for Launcher. You need to install our launcher first to apply it successfully. It does not support any other Launcher app. Translucent Crystal Simple theme with cold negro crystal Luxury cubes HD live wallpaper is free and has no ads! Whether your phone is Samsung or Huawei, Translucent Crystal Simple theme is designed to let you enjoy a faster and smoother mobile operating experience. The Translucent Crystal Simple theme has negro balloon dynamic HD wallpaper, consistent with the cold icon style. After apply the Translucent Crystal Simple theme successfully, you can also only change the background wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper but keep the negro Luxury cubes crystal icon stay the same. If you do not like this Translucent Crystal Simple theme, you can also uninstall it anytime at anywhere, it will not leave you any garbage in your mobile phone.
You can DIY HD live wallpaper and change as you wish at any time into our theme and wallpaper center.
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★ Translucent Crystal Simple theme is made for launcher to customize your mobile phone with Translucent Crystal Simple live wallpaper and crystal screen lock . Do you want to have a special cold crystal Luxury cubes keyboard with this negro theme? Just visit the app center to search whatever you need in this 3d dynamic launcher!
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