Turkish Word Maze

Turkish Word Maze

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Publish date

Aug 16, 2018


Version 3.2



Updated date

Aug 16, 2018


Turkish Word Maze by Murat Öksüzer

Visual Word Puzzle Game.

Turkish words are asked. You can learn and practice Turkish words by enjoying!.

Click for English Word Maze.

There are two image and four words in each question.

Try to find the hidden word in given 12 letters. You need to find 4 words for each question.

Why Maze?
First image helps you to find first word. Then, each word is related to previous found ones.

How to Play?
Select letters from given letter options. Then, selected one will go to blue boxes, in order. To revert, touch blue box.

I couldn't find the word. What can I do?
You earn 60 golds for each question. Use these golds to buy a letter. You can buy a letter for 20 golds.
Use lock button to buy a letter.

Touch red button, at the right of the letter options, to earn 5 golds.

You can enlarge images by touching. Touch again to shrink.

Use pictures to find out words!
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