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V – Live Broadcasting App apk

v2.2.1 (Updated May 09, 2017)

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V – Live Broadcasting App Description

It is kind of rare when you find some high-quality broadcasting app which are really up to the mark and fulfill your entertainment needs. One of those apps can be V – Live Broadcasting App which is a free entertainment broadcasting app developed and published by Naver Corp. for the android operating systems. Whether you simply want to follow your favorite celebrities, watch the live broadcasts, and get yourself entertained, you can always rely on V – Live Broadcasting App for your home entertainment. The more time you spend on this app watching and following your favorite celebrities, the more you get exposure and V points so when you share your own talent, you can get exposure as well and yes, this is true. To get this app for free, download V – Live Broadcasting App apk right now from our website and begin your live entertainment.

Listed below are some of the top features of this app.

  • V – Live Broadcasting App is an absolutely free live broadcasting app which asks for no payment plan.
  • Feel free to follow your favorite celebrities and watch their live broadcasts.
  • You can share your own stuff on your profile as well.
  • If you don't want to miss some special future broadcast, you can schedule it before.
  • Get notified when your favorite celebrities post something new.

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