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Vector is a free game on the Android app store. It is a walkway, parkour, athletic inspired game where the player gets free from an authoritarian world and runs in to a distant free world. The outlook of the game is an admirable one where the graphics are really cool, colorful and spectacular. 

The player runs, slides, vaults, climbs, crashes and uses extraordinary techniques of a parkour runner while being chased by a Big Brother, who is trying to capture him and take him back to the dictatorial society. But the goal of the runner is to escape to freedom once and for all. The player has to run and escape seizure through different levels and earn points. Thus get proceed in the game.

The game is based totally on the practices and principles of the sport parkour and players of all ability levels have extremely loved the game so far. All players of all age and ability take pleasure in the sophisticated level designs Vector offers, as the player in the game runs and flows like river over roof tops to gets its freedom. 

The moves are astoundingly life like and literally parkour inspired. There are 20 challenging levels altogether. Each level is hard and gets harder with time, which makes it the best thing to do in your boring moments.  There are 40 levels in the Deluxe Version, which is priced the lowest at just $1. 

The players can also challenge and compete with the most experienced and demanding players online with fast paced timing puzzles. 

It is the best running game and lets you break free and run from your mundane routine into an exciting new world. Vector game is not very hard to learn but quite hard to master thus gives the player great practice and more time to play and run in pursuit of getting better at it. 

Download the APK file here and start running. The app is updated on regular basis so it is guaranteed that you are getting the most recent and the stable APK file of Vector.

P.S. The game offers in-app purchasing which means that you may need to spend real money for several upgrades, level-ups and for other actions. If you are ready to play this addictive game on your Android powered smartphone or the tablet, just scroll down and download the game for free! We are confident that you are going to love this game if you are downloading it for the first time.

Developer: NEKKI


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