Volume Control Widget

Volume Control Widget

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Aug 15, 2018




Version 2.2.1



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Aug 15, 2018


Volume Control Widget by Serkun

A-Volume Widget allows instantly see on your desktop and quickly adjust the current volume levels of alarm, media player, voice call, ringer and system notifications. Widget displays the current volume levels, regardless of the way in which they were set. The minimal widget size is only 1х1. Widget is resizable - you can increase it's size if you want (for Android 3.1+ only! Long touch on the widget and change it's size).
Click on the Widget and set the volume level of any channel(s) in one touch! Vibrate mode setting supported. Quick open, set and close.

In "Settings" you can choose audio channels to display in the widget and channels to adjust.
Also you can adjust border, hue and transparency of the widget's background to fit well your home screen theme.

Install it from the market, then install manually the widget to the desired location of the desktop in standard way for your device:
- Long touch on your home screen or click the menu button;
- Choose "Add";
- Click on "Widgets";
- Choose the A-Volume Widget.

If A-Volume Widget is not in the widgets list:
- Make sure that it's installed into internal memory! Widgets do not work from SD card;
- Restart your system.

NOTE: Starting from Android version 4.1.x (Jelly Bean) in the standard firmware channels "System", "Alert" and "Ringer" are tied. They can not be set separately. This is not the reason to blame the program. Just hide channels "System" and "Notifications" in the settings. At the same time, in some versions of firmware (e.g., in firmware Samsung), these channels are NOT tied. Therefore the program have the opportunity to display and to adjust them separately, if possible.
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