Vrat,Upvas Fast Recipes Hindi

Vrat,Upvas Fast Recipes Hindi

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Aug 15, 2018


Maruti App


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Aug 15, 2018


Vrat,Upvas Fast Recipes Hindi by Maruti App

Fast Recipes application describe many farali, vrat and upvas recipes in hindi language.

This application is very useful for preparing fast recipe at home.

Farali food is a type of food that can be eaten during certain fasts, Upvaas or vrat in hindu religion. Generally, farali recipes or upvas recipes avoid beans, pulses, grains, garlic and onion. Farali food can be consumed when observing Ekadashi upvaas. Fresh and dried fruits, milk products, vegetables and nuts are also considered farali. One can also eat Farali food during shravan maas and chaturmas.

Feature :

-Completely offline application so you can use application without internet.
-Beautiful user friendly interface.
-Chang text size for better readability.
-Choose favorite recipe.
-Share recipes to each other via social media like Whatsapp,Facebook,email and etc.
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