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Walking Dead: Road to Survival apk

v5.0.2.48518 (Updated Jun 08, 2017)

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Walking Dead: Road to Survival Description

Run! Run for your life boy! Zombies are following us we have to dodge zombies otherwise either we turned to be a zombie or we will be their food for today. Don’t stop push them back and don’t miss a single bullet make your way because sooner or later you will be out of ammo. Try your best to reach to a shelter because no one has survived a night in streets. In Walking Dead: Road to survival only true survivors can live other have already become either zombie or food of zombies. In this difficult time zombies are not only the threat to your life the gangsters and criminals are free to do anything so be aware of them as well.

The world is no more a safe place for living try to survive in Walking Dead: Road to Survival and download its APK file for free, enjoy the Best RPG game for smartphones.

Game Story

In Walking Dead: Road to Survival World is in zombie Apocalypse, a majority of the people is either dead or worse than dead, you and other weak people are wondering in streets, they need a leader a savior. Lead them to save place and build a shelter, gather up all resources you can find, search for other survivors to strengthen your squad. Criminals and thugs are looking for innocent people to rob them so be aware of them. The lives of each survivor depend upon your single decision so be wise enough.


You have to build your own shelter, armory, food supplies and other essential buildings. Train your survivors for battle because you have to leave the shelter in search of other survivors and resources. In Walking Dead: Road to Survival battles, each survivor get the single opportunity for an attack so select a perfect combination of survivors for search and enhance them with perfect weapons according to their qualities and abilities.

Game Features

  • Based on the award-winning novel story the Walking Dead
  • Fight against zombies as well as humans and loot remaining
  • Make perfect strategies to finish the opponents once for all
  • In online mode, raid the other shelters and loot everything they got
  • Play story mode and enjoy the story of the novel
  • Find allies and ask help from them and help them when they need you
  • Your decisions will have complete influence on the story mode so be careful before taking any decision

So download the APK file of Walking Dead: Road to Survivors and keep visiting for more Apps for your Smartphones.

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