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Aug 19, 2018


17th Pixel


Version 3.0.3



Updated date

Aug 19, 2018


Warlings by 17th Pixel

Have you ever played a game where some strange cartoons are fighting each other to rule the world and all of them look like cute eggs but with a lot of courage anger? If you have not then don’t worry this is a game in which you are going to meet some strange and funny but angry cartoons who are engaged in a civil war and killing each other to rule over one another. So whose side are you going to take? It is the time to choose your team in this epic action game. To install and play this game on your android smartphone, download the free APK right now from our website and begin the fun.

The game is designed with epic guns, tactics, and tricks which only a smart brain can think and imply them to win this war. You will need to be quick and tactical otherwise, you don’t stand a chance in this war. The graphics in the game are also pretty impressive with good visual effects and physics which really add to the beauty of the game. The controls are very simple either and all you need to do is to smash the enemies.

To get and play this epic war game, download the free APK right here on this page and begin the fun.

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