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v2.17.190 (Updated May 18, 2017)

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Whatsapp Messenger Description

Keep on top of what’s up with your friends and family with the WhatsApp Messenger. Incredibly popular, with over 32,000 downloads here on APKBucket alone and 990 million users worldwide, WhatsApp is a great alternative to other Android messaging applications.

Through WhatsApp Messenger you can send text, photo, video, emojis and other multimedia across the globe. Or gather all your friends into a single group chat for ease. Wait, you don’t feel like texting? Use the WhatsApp Calling feature to call your contacts without eating up your minutes! 

How? All WhatsApp needs is a mobile cellular device and an Internet connection. 2G, 3G, 4G, EDGE, or Wi-Fi can all be used and, since WhatsApp only uses your chosen data connection, this is how it is free* for everyone. No subscriptions required.


NO USER NAMES: WhatsApp uses your phone number, so there’s one less password for you to remember.

FIND CONTACTS QUICK: WhatsApp Messenger integrates seamlessly with your Android, automatically importing your contact list into the messenger.

MAKE IT YOURS: Customize your WhatsApp Messenger experience with wallpapers, notification sounds, font sizes, and data usage rules.

NEVER LOSE A MESSAGE: Phone dying? Bad data connection? Don’t worry, WhatsApp will save your messages until you log in again. Or, use the Archive feature to save those important messages!

FEEL SAFE: WhatsApp calls and messages use end-to-encryption, blocking third-party access to your messages.

Download the WhatsApp Messenger APK now and join the millions of Android users who've switched to WhatsApp today. Thank us later.
* Data connection charges may apply.

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