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WiFi File Transfer apk

v1.0.9 (Updated Dec 28, 2016)

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WiFi File Transfer Description

WiFi File Transfer, as the name depicts itself, the app is used to transfer files from one Android device to another using the WiFi technology. It means that the transfer of files is going to be super fast as well as cost less. Download WiFi File Transfer APK file now from our store APKBucket and share your files easily and at blazing fast speeds.

To use the app and to transfer files from your Android phone/tablet to your PC, both the devices should be connected to the same WiFi network. If you are connected to a public WiFi hotspot, i.e. at a coffee shop etc., then don't forget to use the authentication feature of the app and send an access code to the target device to ensure that your files aren't received by an authorized device.

You can use Google Chrome to do the transfers. In Google Chrome, you can upload multiple files and that feature of WiFi File Transfer makes it a perfect app for sharing files in bulk. As the app is using the WiFi connectivity, so speed isn't an issue and you can share bigger files easily.

The cleaner interface, rich features, and authentication support make WiFi File Transfer a perfect app for you. Download it for free now from our store APKBucket's servers and start feeling the power of this amazing app.

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