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WiFi Manager Description

The WiFi Manager Android app is your best friend in order to help you find and connect to the best WiFi network around you. Although your Android device's inbuilt features allow you to scan for WiFi networks and connect to the networks based on your choice but this app takes the WiFi connectivity approach to the next level by enabling several advanced features. Download WiFi Manager APK file for your Android phone or the tablet now and improve the quality of your Android device's Internet connectivity greatly.

WiFi Manager keeps looking for the available and free WiFi access points around you and it keeps letting you know about the availability of WiFi hotspots. You can choose the networks and can favorite them so WiFi Manager will consider your list to connect to the network. The best thing about the app is that it analyzes the connection speed and stability of the network and presents you a graphical interface where you can view different charts to filter the best ones. An even better feature of WiFi Manager allows you to configure the settings the way so the app will automatically connect your device to the best available network. This automatic switching between WiFi networks ensures that you are always surfing the Internet over the fastest connection.

This app isn't intended to find the open networks of others only but it comes handy in your home too if you have multiple WiFi access points. You can configure all hotspots in it so the app will always choose and keep your device connected to the fastest hotspot. All this ensures a fast web surfing, as well as the quick download of media (including games, movies, music) will be ensured.

In addition to the automatic switching between hotspots, you can choose the hotspots manually too. You can add home widgets to access WiFi Manager app's interface easily from there you can choose the preferred network with a single tap. So once you download APK file of WiFi Manager, you will be able to manage all WiFi connections on your device in a single place with great ease and productivity.

The recent version of the app has several improvements made to it which include UI improvements and full support for Android 6.0. So you can download WiFi Manager APK to install it on your device even if its running Android 6.0. Go and download the app for free now and start enjoying fast Internet surfing like never before. You can read more about the app here or proceed to the download page directly.


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