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Aug 16, 2018


TF Mobil Game


Version 1.2.1



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Aug 16, 2018


Wordolog - Word Games by TF Mobil Game

World’s most enjoyable word game is Kelimelog - Wordolog. You can get it on google play now …
Soon on AppStore for the IPhone users.


- Game is playing against the top of the screen.
- Your goal is gain as many points as you can by writing 3 letter words or more, before the screen gets full of letters.
- At first you have to touch the letters and write the word you want. Then you have to push the OK button.
- You can choose any letter randomly and you can touch every letter as many times as you want.
- The falling speed of the letters gets faster at every 100 points.
- If you find a 5 or 6 letter word you will get a bomb,
and for a word which has 7 letters or more you will get a laser.
- Use the bombs or lasers for avoiding game over.
- If you’d like to explode the bomb, you have to click to it first, then to the area that you want to explode.
-If you’d like to use the laser, you have to click to it first, then drag the row that you want to explode.

Have a nice game :)

Best word game ever is Kelimelog - Wordolog.
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