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World at War: WW2 Strategy MMO apk

v1.8.2 (Updated Apr 19, 2017)

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World at War: WW2 Strategy MMO Description

After having this world at war: WW2 Strategy MMO. You have a great opportunity to become a great general of WAR which you have ever seen! There are huge amount of training armies and some of great well designed tanks and aircraft.  You are the general and go to the war with more than thousands of real players from some of your alliances.  And have your own discipline and set up your own rules and strategic operational centers. Be a part of WW2 strategy MMO in the world! So in this WW2 strategy MMO you have historical characters, and can build your own city, chat with allies and the last fight with your enemies.

World at War: WW2 strategy MMO represent some of top loved features.

  • Build ancient WW2 tanks and aircraft belonging to Allied and Axis forces
  • Develop your base and studies new army technologies
  • Become a part of history by means of conquering the Atomic Facility
  • Chat in real time to discuss war approach with allied generals
  • Join troops with allied generals and create huge marches
  • Fight with your enemies and make  peace
  • Save the days by taking right decision to attack on enemies.
  • Generate retreatment strategies with enemies.

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