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Xperia Keyboard

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Aug 19, 2018


Version 7.2.A.0.32



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Aug 19, 2018


Xperia Keyboard by Sony Mobile Communications

I guess today is the day where I am going to write a lot about different keyboard apps available for androids on the Google Play Store. That’s because all the keywords I am getting right now are keypad apps that are available for android. These apps basically makes the work easier since they are well built than the built-in ones. Built-in keypads do not have all the required features that could provide us a good typing experience. We need keypads that are faster too type, have got some cool smileys, and many other things that should be a part of a keypad on a smartphone. But since, there are very few smartphones who provide all these features in their built-in keypads, Android app developers came forward and took care of the need.

Today, I am going to write about one of such apps which is Xperia Keyboard developed by Sony. A free Xperia Keyboard APK is available for download by clicking the green button on the top right and you will do that but first it is always good that you read about some of the features of this app. Written below, are some of the key Xperia Keyboard APK features.

Features of Xperia Keyboard App:

  1. First of all, this Xperia Keyboard gives you translations for some of the major languages used around the world including English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and many other mentionable ones
  2. Alphabets on this keypad have got wide spaces between them which makes users to type faster and better than ever. This will improve the speed and accuracy of your typing due to wide spaces between the letters and you are less likely to make mistakes
  3. While chatting our loved ones on any social or instant messaging apps, we need smileys to express what we are feeling. Humans have a lot of feelings and Xperia Keyboard has all type of smileys to express those feelings. Whether you are sad, happy, confused, amazed or whatever, this app has the emotion to show it to your friends
  4. Xperia Keyboard APK has four new keypad skins including Purple, Pink, Green, and Blue. You can keep changing them to give a beautiful look
  5. There are all kind of layouts including an improved one for Arabic, symbols and numbers are also present. There is also a setting shortcut layout to open it right from there

You’re going to love this new keypad experience when you install it so download the free Xperia Keyboard APK from our website and have a great chatting time. 

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