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Zanti APK:

Zanti Apk is all namely known out to be the mobile penetration testing toolkit that is attending with the security managers assessing on with the risk level of the networking through the push of the button. This is completely simple and easy to use a mobile toolkit that would be enabling away with the IT Security Administrator to simulate on with the advanced attacker to identify the setting of the malicious techniques as they use in the wild to compromise the corporate network.

Key Features of Zanti Apk
  • All through the use of this toolkit, you would be able to hence simulate real-world that is to be commonly used malicious cyber-attack techniques.
  • You will also be able to hence quickly discover unsafe elements straightaway in the networks, and in your devices that are somehow has been connected to those networks.
  • By using Zanti Apk you would be able to hence understand on with some of the unsafe conditions on top of your devices in three layers adding with the OS, applications and so as the actual device usage.
  • Zanti Apk requires no 
List of Things you can do with Zanti Android Apk
  • You can also bring a change over the device’s MAC address
  • You can also create a malicious WiFi hotspot.
  • You can also hijack the HTTP sessions and can also download the captures.
  • You can also modify HTTP requests and so on as the responses and can also exploit routers.
  • You can also the auditing of the password and can also check a device for shell shock and SSL poodle vulnerability.

This discussion about Zanti Apk and what sort of features you can attain from this application toolkit. This toolkit is much easy to use and has a simple interface where you can install and start working on this application tool in just a few minutes.

zANTI APK Details

Current Version 2.5.0 (1533)
Has Split APKs No
Has OBB Data No
Installation Size 16.4 MB
Downloads 17

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