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Zombie Avengers - Stickman War Z apk

v2.1.1 (Updated Mar 20, 2017)

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Zombie Avengers - Stickman War Z Description

Zombie Avengers - Stickman War Z is an action game developed and published by Dream Sky for the android operating system. This game is packed with pure action where you follow a cool storyline and while following the campaign, you are about to rise as a Hero for humantiy. This game is not just about killing Zombies who can't do anything but about survival where waves of infected humans who are turned into zombies are coming at you. You are about to travel in the future in the year 2050 A.D. where a scientific tragedy of a biological lab has released a toxic chemical and whoever makes contact with this chemical, he turns into a zombie. Since this chemical is spread all across the city and now the zombies are increasing in number, you have got to stop. To assist you, there are packs of weapons, flashing magical skills, and explosives which make this game a pure science fiction android action game. Now if you feeling eager to get Zombie Avengers - Stickman War Z for your android devices, download and install right now from this page and get started with the real action.

Here are some of the major features of this game.

  • In Zombie Avengers - Stickman War Z, you follow an amazing storyline where a toxic outburst from a biological lab has released a chemical and people making contact with it are now turning into zombies.
  • It is time that you join forces with your crew and master some amazing magical flashing, combat, and gun skills in order to stop these serpents.
  • There are different assault guns, magical powers, and explosives at your disposal which can be used to kill them.
  • At each level when you are done with the little zombies, you have to fight their boss in order to complete the level and proceed.
  • Connect online to the world leaderboards and see how good do you rank against the world.

Get your copy of Zombie Avengers right now from our website and start playing this full of action zombie apocalypse.

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