AppLock - Lock App, Lock Photos & Videos

AppLock - Lock App, Lock Photos & Videos

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Apr 07, 2018


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Version 18.3.5



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Android 4.2 and up

The description of AppLock - Lock App, Lock Photos & Videos

Why you need AppLock - Lock App, Lock Photos & Videos for your mobile phone? 

Today in the world of technology the tiny device in your hand you call mobile phone have a lot of your personal data. Your social apps, Pictures, Contacts, Bank account apps, and many more. So it needs to be secure and safe while you are away from it. The problem has been solved by the app “AppLock - Lock App, Lock Photos & Videos”. This app will make your mobile safe and protect your secure data from being stolen or deleted. 

AppLock - Lock App, Lock Photos & Videos is a very simple and convenient app with some cool and amazing features. The simple and elegant theme, easy to install feature and low battery usage makes it the perfect app for your smartphone. Infect you can say “A smart app for a smartphone”. 

Why choose AppLock for Lock App, Lock Photos & Videos?     

Applock has multiple password options like the pattern, password, and pin for unauthorized use of your mobile phone. 

Applock can be used for a home screen or some special apps. 

You can individually lock photos, gallery, games and other apps as per your desire.

Lock incoming calls

Lock google play to prevent unnecessary purchases and downloads.

The best feature is intruder selfie support if someone tries to unlock your device or app without knowing the pattern the AppLock takes a selfie without delay and catch the intruder.

AppLock Multiple password option:  

AppLock offers multiple options to secure your smartphone. You can choose between pattern, Password and pin code. These multiple options make it convenient for users to choose like some user like to choose a pattern, some like to choose the password as they can remember numbers and digits well then the images and patterns. This makes the AppLock a good support and app for multiple users.      


A 3 X 3 doted segment is used to draw pattern, the user can choose from thousands of patterns to keep the phone secure from intruders.


A min 6-digit passcode is required to setup the passcode. It could be a combination of numbers and alphabets, it prevents intrusion to your smartphone.

AppLock Locks as you ask him to Lock: 

Applock can lock the entire device if you lock the home screen and protects it from unauthorized use. or a user can individually lock the apps like social apps, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat and many more. In short, it can hide everything from your phone individually, call, contacts, and messages. 

Another feature is hiding photos, gallery and images from your device, applock prevents unorthodox sharing and view of your images. The user can also Lock games and play store to keep the gamers away from smartphone and keep the battery save.  

AppLock Intruder Selfie: 

It is an interesting feature and helps to find “who is the intruder”. If someone tries to unlock your mobile phone and breaks the passwords with a wrong passcode or pattern the Applock takes intruders selfie silently. It also records the date and time of intrusion and shows you when you enter the correct passcode or pattern. 

AppLock Fake Cover: 

Applock fake cover is another interesting feature, you can hide your Applock with a calculator, Files, Colander, Music to disguise the snooper, clock or to create a Fake cover. 

Always lock your apps:

Lock your app until screen off

Lock your app after 5 minutes

Lock your app after 10 minutes

Lock your app after 30 minutes

In short, it is a smart app for your smartphone, with multiple features, and guess what it is “FREE” not for some time but for “Forever”.  

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