Audio Manager APK – Hide It Pro v8.4 for Android

Audio Manager-Hide your files and personal data:

Audio Manager – Hide it pro is an excellent tool to help you optimize your Android devices for audio files. This product offers you the ability to mask files and folders. So you won’t be able to see them on the system. It’s a free downloadable app that can be used to manage all your devices. And is also compatible with the iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile phones

Organize your files easily-

Audio Manager Pro was designed by well-known developers to help you make the most of your mobile device. It can be used as a multi-tasking utility. Or as a file manager that will allow you to organize all your files neatly and easily. The main feature of this application is its ability to hide files and folders. Allowing you to control access to certain directories and files, depending on your needs.

Manage your musich by sorting-

The Audio Manager Pro software allows you to manage your music library by sorting and organizing it in multiple ways. You can add, delete, and edit files as needed. You can add up to 20 different folders. The program has powerful audio editing features, which can include applying effects like reverb and distortion.


The basic version of the program requires the installation of a Java plugin. Although it’s possible to run the program without this plug-in. It would not be possible to use it without the Java plugin. That’s because the Java plugin is responsible for automatic processing. And detection of the files and folders you want to hide or display. And if you don’t want your files and folders to be displayed, you can simply delete them.

How the app Audio Manager will help you-

You might wonder how this useful tool can actually help you. As mentioned, you can use it to hide from music and other audio files for listening on the move. If you have a cellular phone, then you know that it’s nearly impossible to carry lots of music with you. This is especially true if you use public transportation or travel frequently. Even if you’re not as mobile as you want. You’ll find it hard to carry lots of media with you because of storage problems.

Create a set of playlists-

This is where an audio manager can come in handy. This tool can create a set of playlists that you can use on any device that has an audio player. It will also allow you to easily change the tracklist for each device, allowing you to skip tracks or rewind to previously played files. And if you use multiple devices and only one of them has an audio player, the audio manager can create a playlist for that single device. It can even act as a replacement for the portable music player. You can load up the files that you want to play on your mp3 player and then load up the same playlist on the audio player that you want to use.

Why you need such audio manager?

You might wonder why you need such a program in the first place. The truth is, you may be working with quite a few different devices. And some of them (such as your cell phone) aren’t always capable of playing files from your digital audio library. Others (such as your computer) won’t have the capacity to read the files that are in your library. Even if they’ve been converted to an MP3 format. With an audio manager. You can simply create playlists and use them with all your devices, even when your computer is offline. This can make your life a great deal easier, especially if you travel often.

Easy interface to use the application on your Android-

To sum it up, the main reason that this program exists is to make your life easier. If you have a large digital library. You’ll appreciate the simplicity in which you can simply create playlists and use them on any device. If you have a large number of files. This can be even more important. As you’ll need to manage them all in one place and not have to remember where they can be found. The Apk Hider Pro also provides a way for you to manage your playlists. Allowing you to organize them neatly, and delete any duplicate files that you want.

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