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Autumn Live Wallpaper

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Mar 24, 2018


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May 08, 2018

The description of Autumn Live Wallpaper

There is not a single thing related to field of technology for which Android app have not been developed. Games and apps are reaching infinite numbers and they will would never stop coming. Autumn live wallpaper is one of those billion apps. This app is designed especially to make your phone look exotic than ever. By downloading this app you can customize the appearance of your Android smartphone by setting new wallpapers, themes and arranging other items such as icons in a beautiful manner which gives your phone an exciting new look. So what else do we can get from this Autumn Live Wallpaper app? Read about the full features below.

Autumn provides such a beautiful scenery of falling leaves and cool breezes. But unfortunately if you are a fan of autumn, then it is not possible for humans to have it for the whole year. But now it has become possible with the help of this amazing Autumn Live Wallpaper app. Download this app on your phone and have beautiful graphical leaves falling from trees on the background of your screen. Realistic graphics used by the developers makes it even enjoyable. Leaves fall in different motions from the trees which presents a very romantic scenery. An amazing this is that, you can touch the leaves on the screen and like a breeze with your fingers, you can throw away the leaves as well.

Some other features of the app include, different 9 backgrounds which are available for you to switch between. You can randomly set those backgrounds or set the time limit for each wallpaper after which it will change automatically and this is where greatness exists. This auto changing of backgrounds has really helped the users unlike others app, that’s why they prefer Autumn Live Wallpaper over many apps.   By getting the pro version if this app, you can get various other features which are:

  • Automatically changing backgrounds after time intervals set by you
  • These backgrounds change work like a slideshow which is even better
  • There are not just one but different types of leaves that fall down the trees
  • You can also change the number of leaves that you want to see falling
  • You can do the configuration of the sound of the leaves and bubbles

So what are you waiting for? It is time to make your Android phone beautiful with this amazing Autumn Live Wallpaper app!

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