Avira Android Optimizer

Avira Android Optimizer

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Mar 24, 2018



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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of Avira Android Optimizer

Where Avira lets you secure your Android stuff against viruses and other malicious attacks, the developer brings another amazing app called "Avira Android Optimizer" too which optimizes your Android device for performance boost. With Avira Android Optimizer, you can boost the speed and performance of your Android tablet or the phone on the fly. It cleans your device by removing junk files as well as frees up the RAM of the device ensuring that it runs faster than before. One important benefit of downloading and installing Avira Android Optimizer is the improvement in battery life as the app extends your Android tablet or phone's battery life considerably.

If you are hating the slower startup and shutdown of yoru device as well as if your phone or the tablet takes too long to open and process apps and media, then you need Avira Android Optimizer for boosting your device's performance. Download apk file of the app for free and start removing junk on the fly. The app cleans your sensitive data too ensuring that your privacy is always protected.

Yet another cool feature of Avira Android Optimizer is its app monitoring. The app looks intelligently over all apps installed on your device and figures out how much space and processing power the apps are currently consuming. Once the audit is done, you can take steps accordingly to freeup the memory of your device so it will run faster.

To make your device run fast, download apk of Avira Android Optimizer and install the app for free. Grab the apk of the app below.

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