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Backdrops Wallpapers

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Mar 25, 2018



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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of Backdrops Wallpapers


‘Backdrops’ is one of the best wallpapers apps. If you are fond of unique, unusual and striking wallpapers, this is the most excellent app for you. Now leave all of your previous wallpaper apps and have the best and exciting experience of Backdrops.
Go through the broad variety of natural wallpapers which have been hand crafted in house by the expert team of Backdrops. Download this app right away and have fun with the amazing walls designed particularly for your mobile phones and tablets. The collection of wallpapers in this app is so much unique that you will not find it any other apps. Besides, you can share your photography with us, and we will upload it in the form of new wallpapers after approving it by our team. Provided, it should be original and in high quality. One more fantastic feature is the ‘Wall of the Day’ where we showcase newly designed backdrops. So, if you want your wok to be posted there, you can contact us freely right away.
Furthermore, you can unlock the app bonus collections if you like to get access to even more authentic designs. All of those collections are updated with the Explore Section. On the other hand, you can build your own collection of your favorite backdrops by clicking the hearts and save your time in searching next time. Besides, you can gain access to your collection with other devices as well, after signing in with your Google account. Backdrops wallpapers have got the amazing and striking User Interface. All the effects are too pleasing and relaxing to your eyes. Having unlocked the Pro version of Backdrops Wallpapers, you not only can have entirely ad – free experience, but also the power of saving ‘Explore’ wallpapers. In addition, Pro Pack allows you to have a more exclusive collection of backgrounds which keeps on updating with new designs. Once you download the app, you will never get bored of its wallpapers, as the team of Backdrops is always engaged in giving you more innovative and extraordinary wallpapers on a daily basis.



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