Baidu (DU) Browser

Baidu (DU) Browser

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Mar 24, 2018


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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of Baidu (DU) Browser

If you want to enjoy the fastest browsing experience on your mobile phones or tablets, Baidu Browser is here for you.  It is the simplest and the most expedient mobile browser for Android. You can also get the latest news before searching them, whether they are news videos on YouTube or any others. Baidu Browser is free to download. It offers you the most amazing, powerful and useful features.

The browser has got a super private browsing mode and the other privacy settings. It has "Text Only" browsing mode too. It efficiently handles downloading management as well. If you are keen to browse web faster, easier and in the most enjoyable way, you must download this Baidu Browser in your Android devices. It allows you to add ADBlock, which helps you to block all the annoying and unwanted ads so that you can browse webs without any bother and frustration. You need not worry if your internet is working slow as T5 Kernel is here in it. This T5 Kernel allows you to browse the web 20% faster than any other browsers, even in a slow network connection.

Besides, no matter if you are watching videos on floating playback, you can also browse the web at the same time by the dint of T5 Kernel installed. Furthermore, it has got an MP3 Player inside. You can download it from the web and play it in download list in Baidu Browser. Moreover, making it simpler and easier for you, it already updates the latest news for you from hundreds of hot news websites such as BBC, CNN, Yahoo, and Liputan, etc. It is available in USA, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and India. That is how; it saves your time from going to every particular website to get the latest news. While using it, you enjoy your each and every moment as it also has got meme funny pictures. Lots of funny quotes, pictures and GIF are now available for you on its homepage, (Available in Indonesia).

Baidu Browser also shows you all the news about football matches. Now you can get league news, live scores and TV broadcast schedule simply on your homepage. Besides, if you are interested in lotteries and its news, you can easily get lottery cards on the homepage and can check lottery results and the latest news regarding it, (Available in Thailand). There is an option of personalized subscription, so you can subscribe news, sports, pictures, or videos categories you like when you start Browser, (Available in Indonesia).

Baidu Android Browser is being liked for its fast speed. It has got an improved browsing speed in its new version. There is a speed dial on the homepage and the website guide on the right page, very easy swipe and navigation as well. You can also have a secure and private browsing with Incognito Browsing. Your browsing history will not be tracked. In addition, if you browse with "Text Only" mode, you can save around 30 percent data. Searching is now easier for you with an intuitive search. You can search with selectable search engines like; Ask, Google, Yahoo and YouTube etc. Voice searching is also available with Hot Words searching. Lastly, it is very lighter in size as well.

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