Banana Kong

Banana Kong

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Mar 26, 2018

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Android 4.2 and up

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May 09, 2018

The description of Banana Kong

The most thrilling app is here for you to experience it and have fun. Ever imagined becoming the jungle king and riding through the forests, exploring the caves and jumping over the tree tops. This game allows you to do all this and what not.

You can jump, bounce and swing on to trees and ride through the thrilling jungle. In this adventurous saga, you will ride around the jungle and collect as many bananas as you can. This app has no difficult controls instead it's just one tap jump, bounce and swing type thing. You can play as the Banana long and have all the adventurous moments and experiences.

There are too many obstacles in your way and you are going to cross them or finish them with your collected powers. The crocodiles, boiling lava and other dangerous obstacles are supposed to finish you up but you have to be courageous enough to omit the obstacles bravely. You can also fly from the obstacles with powers to escape easily.

This run and ride is neverending fun that you will absolutely adore.  You have to escape away from the natural cruel disasters and creations. You can experience difference things in every section of this amazing game. You can compete with your friends in the game and also show off your skills with the scores. You can find the secrets and learn about the mysteries. 

Download the APK file and dash through the jungle.

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