BattleGrounds Mobile India APK for Android Download

BattleGrounds Mobile India:

Online gaming in India has seen a lot of good coming into the market as BattleGrounds has once again thrown up another excellent offering. It has once again re-invented itself in the mobile world with a new and enthralling concept that is sure to take India by storm. Pubg Mobile, the old name of BattleGrounds has finally introduced a version of its popular arcade game for the Android platform. To date, no one from the gaming industry has come out with a version that comes close to BattleGrounds. In fact, PUBG Mobile has gone a step ahead to become one of the most downloaded apps on the Google play store.

The story of BattleGrounds Mobile India for Android is a simple one. It was developed by Google India in collaboration with PUBG Mobile for their Android app. Initially, the idea was just to provide an arcade game to android enthusiasts across the globe. However, with time the idea has changed drastically, and now the focus is on creating a true arena of war between fans and opponents on the field. The app is available free on Google play and offers the gamer’s a chance to fight and survive against computer-generated players from all over the world. As per the game rules, the player is allowed to either attack or defend using the provided weapons and gadgets available to them.

For any potential IOS users out there, here is a quick background about the game: BattleGrounds Mobile India for Android is in fact the latest entrant in the mobile world and has already been getting a great response. Based on the popular battlefield combat game series of Electronic Arts, the official website of BattleGrounds Mobile gives a clear depiction of what it is all about. On the home page of the site, a list of the different players competing for the highest score possible is listed along with the level and time left. The screenshots that come in a popup once the player wins give a clear and impressive view of the player’s progress and allow the users to see exactly what they can expect in this war-torn arena.

There are several game modes in the BattleGrounds Mobile, which range from the ‘vs.’ player versus the computer-generated ‘opponents’ in a two-player split-screen mode. The official website even offers three versions of the game, allowing the users to select which one they feel will best suit their needs.

The latest version of the BattleGrounds Mobile app, which recently received an update, allows users in India and across the world to battle in the fashion as if they were actually on the ground. Players can select their settings from a wide variety of settings like playing with a team of bots or alone players. With the latest version of the app, players have the option of downloading battlegrounds directly to their smartphone or through the internet if they prefer to play the game on a mobile device. Each match lasts up to sixty minutes, during which each team has a limited number of attempts before time runs out and the match is declared a draw.

BattleGrounds Mobile provides a lot of entertainment options for its users. Users can easily connect to BattleGrounds through a mobile network, or play BattleGrounds through their PCs or mobile phones. Apart from that, the company also promises a high-quality service and free downloads for all its users. Users can choose between downloading BattleGrounds through the android store or through the Pubg mobile network. The users can also opt for a paid subscription to BattleGrounds.

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