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Burger Shop FREE

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Mar 26, 2018


GoBit Games

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May 08, 2018

The description of Burger Shop FREE

Now open and serve through your personal fast food franchise on your android smartphone. Make burgers and milkshakes to serve the hungry tummies, earn money, and create the biggest fast food empire on the mobile phone. Burger Shop FREE is a wonderful casual game where you can open your restaurants, make burgers and milkshakes and serve them to people in time to earn some good money. This game will be a test of your making and management skills. Can you handle the pressure of serving unlimited customers entering your shop? Then download the free APK right now from our website and have fun! :et's talk about some game modes and features of Burger Shop FREE.

Burger Shop FREE Features and Game Modes.

1. There are two levels in the game. First one is story level which is not much difficult. The second one is expert story mode where your skills will definitely be tested. You will have to be really quick to serve the unlimited customers entering your shop. Make sure that you serve them in time or otherwise they will get angry and leave. This is now how you want your fast food business to end, do you?

2. There are two other game modes named Relax mode and Challenge mode. You can serve the customers easily in relax mode taking a good time but making less money. In challenge mode, you will have to be quick but you can have some real fun and money.

3. You can open up to 8 different restaurants in the city to earn some more money and grow your business.

4. There are more than 60 food items other than Burgers and milkshakes to serve and you can win 96 trophies in the game

5. Play as long as you want because there is no end to this game.

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