Button Savior Non Root

Button Savior Non Root

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Mar 25, 2018



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Version 2.4.1



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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of Button Savior Non Root

"Button Savior Non Root" is used to simulate the hardware keys on your Android device's screens. Sometimes you may break your Android phone's hardware keys or you may just don't want to use them either. In some other scenarios, your device may even not come with those hardware keys. In all these situations, Button Savior Non Root app comes forward as a handy too. Download Button Savior Non Root app's APK file now and install the app on your device for free.

Button Savior Non Root app doesn't need a rooted device as modern Android OS versions don't need devices to be rooted to enable the hardware key simulation. If you are looking for the root version of this app, you can download it here but we don't recommend that app as the current non-root app has all those features and functionality available that is present in the root version of the app.

After installing Button Savior Non Root with its APK file, you can display the hardware keys on your device. You can then perform all actions with these simulated keys just like you were doing with the hardware buttons. To run this app, your device must be running Android OS v4.1 or later.

You can make your simulated hardware keys float to make access to them easier. Moreover, a swipe feature is introduced in the app which allows you to show the keys on either side of your device's screen. You can also add the camera and call key simulation in addition to the other hardware keys supported by your Android phone or the tablet. In short, Button Savior Non Root can bring all of your device's hardware keys on your device's screen in form of simulated ones.

You can choose two types of supported triggers for the keys. Keys can be put into action through gesture or through tap. You can choose one according to your convenience. In addition to these features, several other features are also which make Button Savior Non Root a complete set of tools for you to enable simulation for hardware keys on your device.

Now with the help of this handy app, your device will still stay usable even if you have broken the hardware keys on it. This sounds really impressive, right? Yes, indeed, it is a great app which makes things simpler for you just in case you have damaged your device or if didn't have inbuilt hardware keys. Download latest version (APK) of Button Savior Non Root on this page for free and install the app to put your device's camera, call and other hardware keys right on the screen with full and customizable functionality.

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