Caller Name

Caller Name

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Mar 25, 2018



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Version 31.0



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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of Caller Name

Do you want to identify the people who are calling you or texting you on your phone? You can have this facility on your fingertips that allows you to identify which contact is trying to reach you. This caller name app allows you to have advantage of listening the names of callers while you are getting a call. This app speaks up the name of caller when you are away from your phone. It really helps you for your convenience to know who is calling you.

There is no need to put your phone out and check while you're driving or you're busy somewhere. This app tells you whether you have to put your phone out for a call or not. The sonic support of this app is completely compatible with your phone.

The user interface of this app is super friendly.  Downloading and installing this app is ready easy and handy. You can select the option of "phone calls" if you want to hear the name of callers who are calling you and you can select the option of "text messages" if you want to hear names of people who text you.

This app requires the contacts written in Latin English to be spoken up by the sonic support system.  This app works offline and needs no Internet connection to function and work. Download the APK file and have the convenience of knowing the names of caller.

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