Chicken Run

Chicken Run

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Mar 26, 2018


STEM Studios

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Version 1.09



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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of Chicken Run

The most awesome and adventurous game of the season is here. This game makes you addicted of it. This simple and fun game is about a chicken, actually a miserable chicken who runs from the prison of cruel farmer. The chicken is starving and the only solution it has is running away. You have to help the little chicken in accomplishing its mission. You have to be careful so the little chicken don’t get caught. You have to make the chicken run and collect all its eggs from the cruel farmer’s farm. There would definitely be obstacles to stop you from running but you have to be courageous enough to continue.

Key features of this game are as follows.

  • This game is free and fun.
  • The graphics are stunning.
  • The experience is realistic.
  • The game play is interesting and unique.
  • The run fun is exciting.
  • You have to tap the screen to make the chicken jump.
  • There are various levels that you have to finish through running and crossing obstacles.
  • The sound effects and music is too good.
  • There are two worlds with 12 challenges each.
  • You have to collect the eggs while running.
  • Drop the chicken home to the last level.

Download the APK file and help the little starving chicken.



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