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Mar 25, 2018


Google LLC

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Version 5.2.1 (4605141)



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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of Clock

Aren't you tired of the conventional clocks designed in the android phones? Then there are separate apps for alarms, and other timing functions such as stop watch etc. People feel sick of going at different places to use these features and they really wanted something that would put all of this into one shell. Well, the step has been taken and now you can use all these features using one single app that goes by the simple name Clock on the Google play store. This awesome app combines all these function into one single build and save your time and trouble of performing these operations separately. You can obtain the free APK from our site to install this simple and most complete Clock app on your smartphone. Written below are some of the major features of this app. 

Clock app Features.

Here is a list of all the important operations that you can perform while using this app.

1. This app has everything to do such as setting alarms, stop watch, timer, and other timing operations.
2. You can set multiple alarms using the features and set ringtones from your phone to wake up up early in the morning.
3. Whether you playing a football match or doing a time trial, use the stop watch in the app to get rid of that manual stop watch.
4. Timer uses the minimum time units up to milliseconds to give you the time accuracy that has never been achieved before.
5. It is supported on all android operating systems.

Get this app right now by by downloading the free APK and bring an accurate time management in life.

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