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CM Browser - Fast & Secure

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Mar 25, 2018

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Android 4.0.1 - 4.0.2 and up

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Jun 17, 2018

The description of CM Browser - Fast & Secure

There was a time when Internet surfing on mobile devices was a dream. Opera Mini was among first browsers which brought a revolution to mobile Internet surfing. Thanks to efforts of mobile developers, now you can find tons of amazing and fast Internet browser for your mobile device if it is running Android OS. Google itself is in the market with its Chrome browser as well as other major Internet browsers like Firefox are also there. But if you want to have a look at other browsers, there are several hidden heroes which can bring even more powerful features than the big brands. CM Browser - Fast & Secure browser for Android is among those and you can download CM Browser - Fast & Secure APK to install the browser on your device. You will have an amazing browsing experience with CM Browser - Fast & Secure once you download and install it on your mobile device.

CM Browser - Fast & Secure is a tiny Internet browser that supports mobiles / tablets running Android OS 4.0 and up. It comes in a size of only around 3MBs which means that the app is neither going to eat a lot of storage on your device nor it will put your device under any pressure by consuming a lot of computing resources. You might be interested in reading about some of the greatest features of CM Browser - Fast & Secure before downloading its APK. Let's have a look over the features that are most prominent in CM Browser - Fast & Secure Android browser.

CM Browser - Fast & Secure Features

Inbuilt Antivirus: CM Browser - Fast & Secure has an inbuilt antivirus engine that has been rated as the number one antivirus engine by AV-Test, an antivirus quality testing service. After installing CM Browser, you don't need to get worried about viruses, trojans, and malware as the browser will scan everything for you while you are browsing the Internet. Even APK files can be rendered and scanned by CM Browser. If you can't find an APK file for a specific app or game at authentic sources (like RoidBay Market), then you can download the file from anywhere without getting worried about its cleanliness. CM Browser will promptly warn you just in case it finds something malicious in the APK file. In addition to these downloadable files, the browser scans all other stuff that you access on the Internet with CM Browser.

It's Fast: Speed is a major concern especially if you are using your cellular networks data plan and if it's a 2G network. CM Browser's advance technology compresses data and it renders it quickly for you. As a result, where you will be able to save time while surfing the Internet, the browser will save you data costs also. CM Browser has a special feature call 'Preload' which keeps fetching next pages in advance resulting in a way faster browsing experience than the traditional browsers.

Fraud Protection: Phishing is something most common on the Internet that has been targeting victims for a long time. CM Browser ensures that the websites you are visiting are clean, safe and authentic. Whenever you will attempt to visit a malicious or fraudulent website, the browser will warn you. In such a way, it improves the security of your privacy greatly.

User-agent Switching: Say you visited a website with your mobile browser and you landed on the mobile version of that website. Mostly mobile versions are compact ones where most features are removed in order to provide a better experience for mobile users. But if you are willing to access the desktop version of the website, then you can easily do it by switching the user agent from the browser. CM Browser's user-agent switching feature will ensure that you will never miss any feature in websites even if the website is forcing you to view the mobile version on your device's small screen.

Font Customization: Font size can be easily adjusted with the browser. If you are having readability issues, then you can adjust the font size according to your eyes' comfort. Moreover, other UI sections can be customized too in order to bring you a layout combination your eyes feeling most comfort at.

In addition to these features, CM Browser - Fast & Secure app has a lot of other handy features also which include page translator, easy and powerful text search, speed dial for easy access to pages you most frequently access, easy bookmarks management, easy multi-tab browsing management, gesture controls and personalized search engines. Moreover, there is an inbuilt popup blocker also which helps you in getting rid of annoying popup ads that appear on most websites. All these features together make browsing a fun for you.

Download CM Browser's latest APK file from our website and install this ultimate browser on your Android phone / tablet. If you want to install this app from Google Play Store, then you can also do the same. Visit CM Browser's Google Play Store page URL here and install the browser from there.  Moreover, if you want to read more about this browser, then you can visit the official page of CM Browser developers here.

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CM Browser - Fast & Secure for Android 4.0.1 - 4.0.2+ APK Download
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