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Cut the Rope 2

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Mar 24, 2018



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Android 4.1.x and up

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Jun 26, 2018

The description of Cut the Rope 2

Zeptolab's Cut The Rope 2 has made candy collection the most fun ever. Where collecting the candies has become fun, it has become trickier also and you need to show how strong your metal power is. The entire story of the game revolves around Om Nom who is a unique character. He breaks out from the box and wanders here and there. He goes through different environments like busy cities and others. He has a single goal which is to find the candy!

He meets Nommies who are little candy collecting helpers. Their company seems to be an interesting companion for Om Nom and he enjoys going through new and exciting environments. Here are how the friends of Om Nom help him find the candies.

Roto is one of the friends of Om Nom who takes him to the locations where candy catching is the easiest. Lick is yet another member of Nommies who constructs bridges in the way of Om Nom and helps him to go ahead wherever the need of a bridge arises. Without Lick's help, candy collection isn't possible. Blue lifts Om Nom up.

Toss is another exciting member of the Nommies who can through anything. He throws the candy also whenever needed. Boo, yet another friend of him, urges Om Nom to jump and to reach new heights. Sometimes candies are found on walls and other places difficult to reach for Om Nom. Snailbrow is the character who can help in such circumstances. He can climb and roll on walls and can push candies from there. Ginger is the final friend and member of Nommies who can burn obstacles whenever they come in between Om Nom and the candy.

Each level is complete when Om Nom finds the fruit. Some other stars (ratings) are also needed along with the fruit. All friends listed above are true helps of the main character who help him find where the candy is located and they also help him by keeping obstacles away from his way and by making the access easier to the candy.

There was unlimited fun in Cut the Rope Android game and its upgraded version, Cut the Rope 2, has become more feature-rich and entertaining. If you have been playing Cut the Rope on your Android tablet or the phone, then you will surely fall in love with CTR 2. Download APK file of this amazing and fun puzzle game for your tablet or the phone and start turning your boring life moments to the funniest ones. Millions of other Android users are already enjoying this fantastic game out there and you can join the players around the globe by download its APK file below. Its free!

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Cut the Rope 2 1.12.1 for Android 4.2+ APK Download
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Cut the Rope 2 1.14.1 for Android 4.1.x+ APK Download
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