Dark Dot

Dark Dot

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Mar 26, 2018


Inzen Studio

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Version 1.3.2



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Android 4.2 and up

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May 09, 2018

The description of Dark Dot

Do you expect to fight against the darkness? Or you think that Dark Dot is the tale of hero... then you are wrong, Dark Dot is the story of a darkest, evil but cute villain ever. The group of cute and dangerous Darklets villains has decided to take over this world and show the funniest cruelty to this world have never seen before. The dangerous parklets are gathering up from every corner of the world to assemble the cutest and the dangerous army of all time and start the war to rule the world. Now it’s your responsibility to lead the most dangerous and cutest army to get their glory and rule the world.

Now if you want to be the part of the evilest and dark plan then join the Forces of darklets in Dark Dot and download the APK right now.

How to manage the deadliest army of all time?     

First you have to download the APK file of Dark Dot then gather up as many daeklets as you can for the dangerous cute army, after that think about the most creative striking formation for you army and arrange the darklets according to their unique qualities and powers, after completing all arrangements and formation attack with the full power and show no mercy on protectors of light, defeat them and take control, loot everything the possess. Battle through more than 100 levels and unlock the brutal cute powers of darklets and enhance them to become more cute and dangerous. Seek for noble and deadliest darklets to strengthen your army because with the passage of levels protectors of light will grow stronger and put everything they have to stop your cute mean dangerous army from taking over the world.

Gaming modes

 You can show the power of darklets in three different modes in Dark Dot endless mode in which you will continuously fight against the protector unless all the army is defeated collect the remaining of protectors use for your cause, Powered boss mode, fight against the deadliest protectors boss and show him who’s real boss here and compete for the cute armies of your friends in online battles

If you want to lead the cutest and darkest army of all time then get APK file of Dark Dot from our website and rule over the world. Keep visiting for more interesting apps for your smartphones and tablets.                          

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