Ding Dong Adventure

Ding Dong Adventure

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Mar 26, 2018


MI Digital

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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of Ding Dong Adventure

Ding dong! The Ding dong bubble is all time favorite of the kids and adults equally. Just like the kids can do anything for a Ding dong bubble gum, our brave cat is on the journey to solve the riddle of its stolen Ding dong bubble gums. The quest is difficult and hard until you put your skills in. You are taking this adventure  with the cat to find out all the stolen Ding dong bubble gums that have been taken to different parts of the world. The cat is brave, fearless and determinant to get the Ding dong bubble gums back.

You have the chance to explore and roam around with the cat on this adventurous journey as she solves the quest and gets her property back that was taken away from it previously. There is an amazing combination of awesome action and excitement in this adventure that blows the users mind every time. Hang out and collect the bubble gums and bring them home for the cat.

You have to compete because the task is hard and the army is bigger. The monsters and rat armies are always here to become a hurdle in your way but you are your own hero who is determinant and consistent enough to get back what is yours.

Jump into this action adventurous journey and conquer the world to soar above the competition!

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