DMCA Complaints

APKBucket serves download of free apps and games, so generally, there shouldn't be any DMCA concern. In cases where you feel that we are infringing your copyrights, you can ask us to remove the content in question. If your request is valid, the content will be removed within 24 hours.

Before you proceed

If you are concerning on security of your apps' users and don't want to have your app available for users outside of Google Play, then please understand that we donot host APK files of your apps on our servers, instead the app gets downloaded directly from Google Play Store official servers. Users will get the original APKs directly from Google servers and our website will only serve as a medium to let the users download the app from Google Play without requring Google Play Store app.

You can verify this by visiting your app's download page on our website. You will see that the download links are from Google servers directly and we are not hosting APK files on our own.

Still not satisfied?

If above justification isn't enough and you want us to remove your app from our store, please send an email at contact[at]apkbucket[dot]net and we will review your request at our earliest convenience.