Doomsday Z Empire: Survival vs Zombie

Doomsday Z Empire: Survival vs Zombie

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Apr 07, 2018

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Android 4.2 and up

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May 10, 2018

The description of Doomsday Z Empire: Survival vs Zombie

Doomsday Z Empire: Survival vs Zombie: 

Are you a game lover? Do you enjoy playing every new game that appears in play store? If yes then Doomsday Z Empire: Survival vs Zombie APK is a perfect game if you are android games lover. It will add up a new fascinating and amazing games to your collection. It’s a world of zombies, a kind of fantasy and horror game. The suspense level of the game is one that user never had ever before.

The main theme of the game revolves around the world of zombies since the accident the number of zombies is continuously increasing. Not only citizens but the researchers of the labs also got infected by the virus. And consequently things are getting worse and worse and chaos is increasing. A lot of fights have been fought among zombies and humans but al lost and about 97% of the population has been lost. Another word the doom is coming and a hero is required to stop it.


Meanwhile, the hopes are still alive with 3% of survivors who are ready to fight until their last breath.  They have already escaped the doomed city. And they tried to find the cure for T virus and cure the zombies and their fellows. They are about to find the weakness of the zombies and defeat them. Doomsday Z Empire: Survival vs Zombie APK is an interesting game to play. It keeps the attention of player caught until the end. 

Although Doomsday Z Empire: Survival vs Zombie APK is a free game and anyone can download it from Play Store and enjoy it. But some gold bar packs can also be purchased for real money, these gold bars helps to improve your base camp and army improvements. You are advised to keep your account credentials safe and secure and never share your account details with anyone. 

The privacy policy is quite clear and it is stated that no one under 12 years can play the game. A player must be 12 years old or older to download and play Doomsday Z Empire: Survival vs Zombie. 

Main features of Doomsday Z Empire: Survival vs Zombie: 


The main character of the games is Zombies, they have occupied the cities at whole with a very few are is under protection. Zombies are continuedly attacking the armies and humans and making life hard to live. 


these are some people who survived the brutal attacks. Survivors are developing the safe base camps and building the troops for fighting against the zombies. Quests are for helping commanders to formulate the armies and strategies of war. Commanders are responsible for assembling armies and powerful troops. Every survivor bonus brings some bonus features for the quests and commanders. 

Love  Friendship & Rescue:

Defending zombies together brings a gesture of love and friendship for the community it means Doomsday Z Empire: Survival vs Zombie is another name of love friendship and rescue for other humans. 

Ally & Traitor:

the deadliest and dead zones war require allies and partners. The unity of allies is key to win over the zombies and survive the quest.  Zombies need to be killed and destroyed for saving the world. All they want is ruling the doomsday! We need a hero to stop them!

-Worldwide Players:

No matter where you are, no matter who you are. Commanders get together in Doomsday Z Empire: Survival vs Zombie

. Defend the zombies with the friend from all over the world! Work together to give an end to the clash of Zombie world. Or you want to rule the world? It depends on yourself!

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