Extreme City GT Racing Stunts

Extreme City GT Racing Stunts

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Mar 26, 2018

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Android 4.2 and up

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May 09, 2018

The description of Extreme City GT Racing Stunts

Racing and stunt lovers get ready because the action is about, to begin with, this new Extreme City GT Stunt Racing game. The game is for those who really know what it is to run fast cars and perform stunts that will astonish the audience. This is not for the weak hearts because the stunts performed in the game are breathtaking along with the dangerous and tricky track. If you really are up for the challenge then join this world of cars right now. Download the free APK for Extreme City GT Stunt Racing game right now and begin the action. Listed below are some of the main game features of this game.

This game is not the one where you will have to race other cars and get away with it. This game brings a breathtaking experience of fast cars running on difficult pathways, crossing obstacles and hurdles to reach your destination. Passing through these hurdles on these tricky ways will be a real challenge for you while the cars in great speed. The game also features an amazing Nitro experience which can be used to increase the car speeds and earn more rewards by completing the challenges on the maximum speed you can get.

If the nitro becomes difficult for you then don’t worry. You can switch between on and off for nitro and play the game how you want. The game enables you to make car jumps longer than you ever did in any other game. These jumps could be long and scary to stay ready for them. You can perform a lot of stunts on the road and in the air by using different upgrades in the cars. This ultimate racing game called Extreme City GT Stunt Racing game is waiting for you to bring on the action so hit it.

Download the free APK from the link given above and become the most dangerous and master car stunt performer.

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